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"I forgot to cancel my subscription and I don't play the game anymore!"

"Actually I don't understand how the website is working so I would like a refund!"

"I don't like your custom content so I need a refund!"

"Give me a refund please! NOW!"

"I'm sorry but I love your custom content but I have no money left so  please could I have a refund?"

No... We don't give refunds


When you purchase a subscription at Meinkatz Creations you will need to check a box at the checkout. This box explains our policy clearly and what you can do or not on the website. It's like a signature from you. If we give you a refund and you still have access to our files this is not fair on us. We do understand you might have personal difficulties in your life but you can cancel anytime.


If you want to open a case with paypal or with your bank you might loose as we can prove that we don't offer refund as it says clearly in our FAQ's page and we will send all the information required to prove it.

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