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  • How do I access the custom content after I purchased a subscription plan?
    After your purchase you will need to click on "Premium Area" on the top menu and then select your subscription which can be : Meinkatz or Meinkatz Addict/ Family. If you are not sure about your subscription, you can click on your nickname on the top menu and look for "My Subscription" Page.
  • Where is the download link to download the premium custom content?
    After you purchased a pricing plan you will have to click on the page "Premium Area" On this page you can see 2 plans: Meinkatz or Meinkatz Addict/ Family Choose your plan Meinkatz: If you choose the Meinkatz Subscription you will have the last item added on the top and if you scroll down you will have all the objects of the month in one file: Meinkatz Addict/ Family: If you choose the Meinkatz Addict / Family subscription you will have the last item added on the top as Meinkatz but you will also have more options: You can download All the premium custom content in one or all the free custom content in one and also the material library But you can also download all the premium custom content in separate files
  • What is the difference between Free and Premium items?
    Free items can be downloaded by anyone without registering on the website. Premium items require registration and a plan purchase from the Plans & Pricing page in order to access them.
  • What happens if I cancel my subscription to Meinkatz Creations?
    If you cancel your subscription, you will immediately lose access to your Premium privileges and any custom content added by Meinkatz Creations. (For any subscription).We suggest that you download any content that you want to save before cancelling your subscription. You can always subscribe again later if you wish. We recomand you to cancel your subscription one day before it finishes. For example if you subscribe for Meinkatz Addict + on the 1st of May, your next payment will be on the 1st of August so you shoud cancel your subscription on the 31st of July to make sure you get access to all the custom content coming in those 3 months.
  • Can I pay without Paypal?
    Yes! You can pay by card or paypal.
  • About Loyalty Program?
    We decided to create a loyalty page on the website. When you register on the website and purchase a subscription plan you will earn some Katz Points. Rewards: Mini Katz 50 Katz Points = 20% off for all plans Big Katz 150 Katz Points = 50% off for all plans Huge Katz (Meinkatz Addict) 500 Katz Points = 100% off a specific plan Massive Katz (Meinkatz Family) 1,000 Katz Points = 100% off a specific plan You can view your Katz Points under your registration name on the top menu and select "My Rewards". View More about Katz Points on this page.
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