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Century Sofa

Andrea Branzi

Spectacular sofa from Memphis, extremely exclusive. Designed by Andrea Branzi is a limited edition made of wood and metal, elegant lines with bright colors and a multitude of positions thanks to its wooden wheels that allows you to raise the backrest.



Memphis Milano




Base Game



Bear in mind if this item is premium you will need to purchase a premium plan in the Plans & Pricing Page. After that you can download all the premium files in the Premium Area page.

Andrea Branzi

Andrea Branzi is an architect, designer, writer, educator and curator born in florence in 1938, where he graduated in 1966. Branzi was a founding member of the experimental group archizoom, which envisioned the ‘no stop city’ among other projects. A key member of the studio alchimia, founded in 1976, he went on to associate with the memphis group in the 1980s. In 1994, he received the compass° d'oro for his career.
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