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Anemona Table MM

Atelier Biagetti

The Italian artist-designer duo behind Atelier Biagetti pay homage to the Adriatic Sea in their Anemona Table for the Objets Nomades Collection. Under the bevelled glass top, the sculptural, wave-like base is lined with sumptuous Louis Vuitton leather.


Louis Vuitton




Base Game




Atelier Biagetti

Atelier Biagetti is a milan-based studio founded by alberto biagetti and laura baldassari in 2003. The practice operates in the fields of art, design and architecture, creating objects, interiors and site-specific installations. Through their characteristic method of decontextualizing visual elements, atelier biagetti creates a short circuit between the senses of the body, the preconceptions of the mind and the physical reality of the surrounding environment. Each project that the duo creates tells a story, comparable to a short film; but instead of watching a moving image, the narrative develops between the mise en scène of the work, and the personality of the viewer – thus recounting a different and intensely intimate story to each and every individual.
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