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This is not a self Portrait

Thomas Dariel

In every ancient western civilization, glorious statues and masterful artworks were commissioned to commemorate and immortalize heroic figures. THIS IS NOT A SELF PORTRAIT challenges these old traditions by masking the hero’s identity behind bandages to create an aurora of mystery. Meanwhile, the hanging Chinese tassel adds an Asian element to symbolize the concept of re-interpretation of western art. Each piece is handmade to bring an extra unique touch to any space.



Maison Dada




Base Game



Bear in mind if this item is premium you will need to purchase a premium plan in the Plans & Pricing Page. After that you can download all the premium files in the Premium Area page.

Thomas Dariel

Thomas Dariel is the Founder and leading designer behind the Shanghai-based interior design agency Dariel Studio. As great grandson of a French furniture designer, grandson of a jazz musician and son of an architect, he has always drawn his strength and inspiration from his family heritage. French Designer by training and tireless traveler, he came to China in 2006 to launch his own interior design studio at the age of 24.
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