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Le Sac en Papier


This striking Paper Bag is made from heavyweight recycled Kraft Paper, it can be used as a waste paper bin, storage bag, planter etc. Le Sac En Papier translates literally as 'The Paper Bag' and is designed in Paris with lettering in French on one side and English on the reverse. Simply pop a container inside when using as a bin or planter and you will protect the paper.






Base Game





be-poles was founded in 2000. It asserted itself as a “graphic design studio” and worked with clients on their brand identity projects. In 2012, be-poles worked with the NoMad Hotel in New York. This was the start of a new story. Now, members of the studio, run by Antoine Ricardou, Clémentine Larroumet and Reynald Philippe, go above and beyond day after day to create a new profession they call “narrative design”. They are Rémi, Reynald, Gwen, Julie, Virginie, Mimo, Gaëlle... There are over 25 of them, surrounded by a family of talents with whom they work together as a group, including Artus De Lavilléon, Jean André, Festen Architecture, Studio KO, Robbie Lawrence and Jérôme Galland... Everyone at be-poles studio is a virtuoso of precision, and together, they are no longer just graphic designers, architects, landscape designers, curators, web designers or photographers, but be-poles, bringing their expertise to exploring a new territory they call “occupying space”.
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