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Arne Jacobsen Wall Clocks

Arne Jacobsen

The internationally renowned Danish architect Arne Jacobsen originally designed three wall clocks for three important buildings in Denmark. ROMAN for Aarhus Town Hall (1942), CITY HALL for Rødovre Town Hall (1956) and BANKERS for the National Bank of Denmark (1971). After several years in exile with foreign manufacturers, the master architect’s design classics have returned – and Rosendahl now owns the rights to these clocks - produced on the basis of Arne Jacobsen’s original drawings.


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Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen was born on February 11, 1902 in Copenhagen. His father, Johan Jacobsen, was a wholesale trader in safety pins and snap fasteners. His mother, Pouline Jacobsen, was trained as a bank clerk and often painted floral motifs in her spare time. The family lived in Claessensgade, Copenhagen in a typical Victorian style home. Maybe that is why Arne, as a child, painted the coloured wallpaper in his room white, as a contrast to his parents’ overly decorated taste.
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