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Arcs Collection

Muller Van Severen

The ARCS collection by Belgian duo Muller Van Severen is a celebration of simple, elementary shapes and the intensity of colors in an object. ARCS is a series of lighting designs and decorative objects formed by a continuous chain of curved arcs that form a single element, using spatial volume to create a scalloped silhouette. "For us, the collaboration with HAY is the perfect opportunity to offer our work to a large audience but also to a young audience," says Muller Van Severen who wants to democratize art and design to make it more accessible. ARCS objects are made of steel and are available in a choice of bright colors or with a mirror surface that reflects and magnifies natural light. The different variants and mounting solutions give ARCS a versatile quality that makes it easy to integrate into most interior spaces.






Dine Out




Muller Van Severen

Muller Van Severen was founded in 2011 by Belgian artist duo Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen. The couple has always been on an inspired quest for sculpturally interesting furniture objects, and their work sits somewhere between design and art, drawing on their passion for architecture and materials. They have won countless awards and collaborated with prestigious museums worldwide (such as Vitra Museum, Centre Pompidou and Musée des Arts Décoratifs Paris) and international galleries (Galerie Kreo, Side Gallery, Valerie Traan Gallery).
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