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Rodnik Shark Fin Chair

Philip Colbert

Why not add some shark wit to your home with Colbert's playful armchair. It makes an entertaining focal piece in living rooms, bedrooms and play rooms. It's made with firm built-in cushioning in the backrest, armrests and seat. The feet are crafted from solid beech wood.






Base Game




Philip Colbert

Living and working in London. Colbert is known for his multidisciplinary approach, creating a "World of Art". Deeply entwined with pop theory, Colbert works across the mediums of painting, sculpture, clothing, furniture & design. Described as "the Godson of Andy Warhol" by Andre Leon Talley. Colbert's large scale oil paintings push the boundaries of contemporary narrative painting, they follow on from a dialogue established by artists such as Richard Hamilton, James Rosenquist and Roy Litchenstien. Colbert had his first large scale paintings show at Saatchi Gallery titled NEW PAINTINGS in 2017. "Colbert's works are a triumphant orchestration of appropriation with his masterful weaving of self expression narrated by his Avatar alter Ego lobster character' said Mila Askarova.
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