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Polder Compact

Hella Jongerius

The distinctive character of Hella Jongerius's comfortable Polder Sofa derives from the combination of diverse fabrics and colours, an asymmetrical shape and charming details.






Base Game




Hella Jongerius

Born in the Netherlands in 1963, Hella Jongerius studied design at the Academy of Industrial Design in Eindhoven. She set up her studio, Jongeriuslab, in 1993 where she grew into an established designer producing collections for reputable clients like Vitra, Royal Tichelaar Makkum and Maharam. The best example of her style can be found in her rejuvenation of the White Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman she designed for Vitra in conjunction with the Eames Estate - this exemplifying her attention to detail and appreciation for the use of quality traditional materials. Here we feature another of her more recent designs for Vitra - the Polder Sofa, as well as other adaptations and enhancements she has created in conjunction with the company.
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