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Knitty Lounge Chair

Nika Zupanc

The Knitty Lounge Chair by Nika Zupanc is the ultimate way to relax in style. With its oversized 'yarn' that looks like ship ropes and luxurious knitted fabric, this chair is a conversation starter. Its chunky basket weave provides a unique tactile sensation, while the design invites you to curl up with a book or TV show.






Base Game




Nika Zupanc

Nika Zupanc traditionally makes careful selections of her themes and forms. With them she offers an exciting look at the predominately male furniture-design market, where all the aspiration is poured into the technical, rational, sober, and utilitarian, as opposed to the intuitive, eclectic, vain, and hysterical. To accomplish this Nika Zupanc uses her poetic judgment, inner battles with stereotypes, and long-lasting affairs with technologies. She mindfully explores the limits of the industry when it comes to emotional effect and the juxtaposition of materials, both in product design and interiors.
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