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Harp Chair

Jørgen Høvelskov

A beautifully unique masterpiece, the Jorgen Hovelskov Harp Chair by Inmod is the perfect conversation starter. The triangular base is crafted of solid American wood in your choice of type and finish so that you can incorporate it into your existing décor. High quality craftsmanship and materials are used to ensure durable strength and exceptional style.






Base Game




Jørgen Høvelskov

Jørgen Høvelskov was born in 1935. He served as a Danish visual artist who produced key works as part of the golden age of Danish furniture. Høvelskov created the "Viking Chair," which was exhibited for the first time in 1963. The chair was awarded the best design at the Copenhagen Company of Joiners, one of the highest accolades at that time. The Viking Chair was renamed the "Harp Chair," which boasted a unique design and was sold globally. It was inspired by a Viking ship and featured a harp-like backrest and seat. The chair also included the artistic quality and aesthetic visual appeal of a harp, boasting rope seating that provided body-conforming comfort and support while creating a unique look.
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