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Grace Chair

Tove & Edward Kindt- Larsen

The Grace Chair by Danish architect and designer Tove Kindt-Larsen (née Reddersen, 1906-1994) is an elegant take on an informal typology new to the GUBI Collection – the rattan lounge chair. Woven by hand from the natural material by Indonesian craftspeople, the curvilinear, organic frame holds an indulgently deep seat cushion and a loose back pillow for added comfort. Bringing to life a design never before put into production, GUBI has worked closely with Tove Kindt- Larsen’s family to develop the piece from a conceptual sketch she drew in 1936, which was recently discovered in an archived folder of her jewelry designs. This the first collaboration between GUBI and the Kindt-Larsen archive. By acquiring the rights to pieces that she designed prior to her partnership with her husband, and working closely with her family to bring them to life, GUBI aims to restore Tove to her rightful place in design history.






Base Game




Tove & Edward Kindt- Larsen

Tove and her husband Edvard were among Denmark’s most predominant designers. Tove Kindt-Larsen was trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and she had a passion for etching furniture designs. Edvard Kindt-Larsen was a renowned danish architect and furniture designer. With their marriage in 1937 the couple embarked on a partnership that would bring them to the forefront as designers not only of furniture but also of silverware, jewellery and textiles. They were a strong design-duo and their work was characterized by contrasts and simplicity, as well as a high sense of quality and appreciation of current trends, making their designs still popular to this day.
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