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Gentle Chair


The Gentle chair interprets the archetype of the seat, making its shape far more modern and purified. The project perfectly matches the soft eco-leather-covered back leg level, continuing in the back arch, to the front light wood, becoming arms and a real support for the back. The softened back and the eco-leather upholstery of the seat make the chair far more comfortable.






Base Game





Swedish design group Front, established in 2003, works as a team where all members are involved in the eclectic design process. Guided by Anna Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist, the 2 founders, it designs objects, furniture and interiors that explore the process of making and questions the conventional role of the designer. Within their products you can often find a story about the design process, about conventions and expectations or about the material it is made of. The works by Front includes a range of products made in collaboration with animals, virtual and changeable products, pieces of furniture drawn directly in space, objects affected by chance and a collection of magic pieces of furniture, blending mass production and research, functionality and surprise.
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