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Elda Armchair

Joe Colombo

“Futuristic design for observers of the 1960–70s”. With his project for the Elda chair, Colombo achieved an original synthesis between American and Scandinavian furniture design of the 1950s and the classics of the 1930s, which mixed futurism and functionalism. Elda has a rotating circular base that holds two fibreglass petal-shaped shells, padded within with removable tubular cushions upholstered in leather. More than an object, this armchair becomes a tool of physical and mental well-being, combining the privacy of the high back and protective shape of the shell with the comfort of the anatomical cushions and functional rotation thanks to the hidden wheels.






Base Game




Joe Colombo

The life of maverick Italian designer Joe Colombo (1930–1971) may have been short, but his future-focused vision of intelligent technology and integrated living environments had a revolutionary impact on mid-century design. Colombo’s diverse career began in the world of fine art, studying painting and sculpture at the Brera Academy of Fine Art in his hometown of Milan. He gravitated towards the avant-garde art scene, becoming part of the Movimento Nucleare (Nuclear Movement) of painters, founded by Sergio Dangelo and Enrico Baj, who, inspired by mounting international anxiety about nuclear war, challenged the boundaries of painting with organic forms.
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