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Coat Rack Bench


The two Swedish designers able to give a poetic and innovative touch to materials at the same time, have come up with Coat Rack Bench for the Wiener GTV Design 2014 collection, a coat rack bench that plays with the company’s stylistic features: bent wood and the Vienna cane seat. This item furnishes the hall but can at the same time fit easily into different areas of the house.


Gebrüder Thonet Vienna




Base Game





Swedish design group Front, established in 2003, works as a team where all members are involved in the eclectic design process. Guided by Anna Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist, the 2 founders, it designs objects, furniture and interiors that explore the process of making and questions the conventional role of the designer. Within their products you can often find a story about the design process, about conventions and expectations or about the material it is made of. The works by Front includes a range of products made in collaboration with animals, virtual and changeable products, pieces of furniture drawn directly in space, objects affected by chance and a collection of magic pieces of furniture, blending mass production and research, functionality and surprise.
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