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Bocca Sofa

Studio 65

Born to satisfy the demand of a private customer, it’s been featured since then on dedicated - but not only - magazine covers, and it is still displayed in the most unconventional houses in the world, and in the important museums around the globe. We’re talking about Bocca, the famous red sofa shaped as giant lips. Getting their inspiration from the 1935 Portrait of Mae West by surreal artist Dalì, as well as from the hot red lips of Hollywood stars, Studio 65 architects achieved a masterpiece destined to become an object of cult. Pop DNA, a sensual and provocative soul, feminine and elegant aspect. Bocca is among the most sought-after, loved, and imitated products of home furniture. The 1970 original is exclusively by Gufram.






Base Game




Studio 65

Franco Audrito founded Studio65 in Turin in 1965 as an avant-garde experimentation collective that brought together a group of artists, painters, photographers, and aspiring filmmakers- all students of the Faculty of Architecture. In 1975 Franco Audrito and his partner Athena (Nanà) Sampaniotou, along with their Studio65 colleagues, began their adventures in the Middle East, leading the studio to win competitions and build structures in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, and then Russia, Indonesia, England, China and the UAE.
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