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Paying homage to amazing Designers, Meinkatz Creations creates the proper replica of furniture, lighting and interior objects with timeless appeal for the game The Sims 4.


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Trace Cabinet SC88

By &tradition

The Space Copenhagen Trace cabinet melds a contemporary silhouette with classic expression, providing storage in an elegant frame to display cherished items. The design studio chose the cabinet's name to reflect the concept of collecting small, sentimental pieces from our lives – and the traces they leave behind.

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Sims 4 Screenshot 2023.09.17 -

Herman Table Lamp

By &tradition

Named after Herman Bang, the Herman lamp is a tribute to the notable Danish author’s enduring artistic legacy and the way in which he led his life. Regarded as a trailblazer who shone a light on dimly lit issues society chose to ignore, Bang became a key figure in the Modern Breakthrough. Much like his stories, the Herman lamp offers a small beacon of light that has a literary quality to it.

Nelson Miniature Chests

By Herman Miller

The solid wood Nelson Miniature Chest, inspired by Japanese design, provides lots of wonderful little spaces to keep wonderful little things. Made with hand-fitted drawers—the kind of American craftsmanship designer George Nelson insisted upon in 1952 and that is harder and harder to find.

Sims 4 Screenshot 2023.09.20 -
Sims 4 Screenshot 2023.07.28 -

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