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Usable as either a smart TV or monitor (or both!), the StanbyME touch screen means versatile, moveable home entertainment. On an easily moved stand (it has hidden wheels in the base) it’s flexible around the home and can be positioned in either portrait or landscape mode.

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Verner Panton

SPIEGEL was made famous for its role in Verner Panton’s complete interior installation of Der Spiegel Publishing House in Hamburg in 1969. The SPIEGEL lamp is an avant-garde statement piece for the modern contemporary home. Typically for a Panton design, the lamp can be mounted either individually or as part of a system - on the wall or in the ceiling - enabling the user to create a stunning single-piece statement or a dramatic large-scale installation, depending on mood, personality and space. The large quadratic lamp has a circular indentation in the center, which holds the light source, which is then concealed under a hemispheric shade that breaks and softens the light and banish glare. What Panton created with SPIEGEL was an architectural and sculptural art piece that doubles as a lamp providing a beautiful and soft ambient light.

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