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Ding Table


The Ding table is inspired by ancient three-dimensional wooden brain teaser puzzles. The table consists quite simply of three legs made from oak have that are assembled without screws and tools of any kind.When put together they constitute a sculptural knot that works as the base for an exclusive glass tabletop. The legs are rounded off with chamfered edges, making the table stand sturdily on the floor and the round sheet of glass sit solidly on the base.


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Rudolph Schelling Webermann

Rudolph Schelling Webermann is an award winning design company that is based in Germany and specializes in consumer product design. Founded by Carsten Schelling, Ralf Webermann and Sven Rudolf, who met during their studies at FH Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, after working for different studios, the three designers decided to start their own design studio.

"We are driven by the romantic idea that a designer is an inventor of products that is able to create a better world. We love to challenge materials, products and people's behaviour. The way to our designs lies in the search for a new, better, different, unjustly forgotten or humorous idea."