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The creation of Inga Sempé’s Liberty Matin Shade sees HAY and Liberty joining forces to merge two iconic designs in one timeless product. The shade’s classic pleated construction features Liberty’s distinctive floral print, combining poetic visual delicacy with a contemporary appeal. Available in five prints selected by Mette Hay.

”I have always had a deep fascination with Liberty; the store, its aura and legacy, and the floral prints it is home to – there’s nothing quite like it."

Mette Hay, Co-Founder and Creative Director of HAY.

"The Matin Lamp is very contemporary and when the shade is paired with a classic floral Liberty fabric, the print becomes graphic, and in some ways, modern.”

Mette Hay, Co-Founder and Creative Director of HAY.

The lamp is available in two different sizes and in five prints hand-picked by Mette Hay: Mitsi, Betsy Ann, Ros, Ed, and Cherry Drop. The lighter patterns create a subtle diffused light, while the darker ones provide directional downward light, making it a versatile piece that can be used in various different rooms and settings.



Liberty is one of the most prominent luxury department stores in the world, located in London. It is known around the globe for its close connections to design, art and culture, and is most famous for its bold and floral print fabrics.

Download Matin Table Hay X Liberty here


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