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How do I cancel my subscription?

You can now cancel your subscription by yourself. You can click on "Your Subscriptions" on the top of the website and cancel it. You can have a look on the image: My Subscription Page:

I am a Premium member and when I click download it doesn't work?

When you are a Premium member you don't have to go on a product page anymore (only for free custom content). You need to click on Premium Area on the top page and it's where you will find all the custom content.

Can I acces your Premium Custom Content for free if I advertise your website?

Yes you can! I already did it with some youtubers. You will have to contact me and we will need to discuss it.

Safari can't open the page because too many redirects occured trying to open?

If you can't download my content and get this message it means you use Safari and unfortunately safari is not working very well with Google Drive. You will need to use another web browser like Google chrome, mozzila, internet explorer.....

I can't extract your custom content?

To extract my custom content without any problems you need to use Winrar. If you don't it might not work. Winrar is free on google.

Do I have to register on the website?

If you want to be a subscriber member yes you will have to. If you just want the free download you don't need because it's available for everyone. If you buy as you go you don't need to be premium because the download link will be sent to your email adress after your purchase. You can still register on the website if you want to get some newsletters about new products and actuality around Meinkatz Creations.

I am a Premium Member and when I click on the Premium Area they ask me to Log in or register?

Make sure to log in on the website first and then if you have this issue try a different web browser for example: Google Chrome or Mozzila Firefox. If you still have this issue just contact me and I will sort it out for you.

If I become Premium will I have your custom content soon?

Once you paid and registered you will have access to the custom content straight away!

How Does it Work?

On the website you can see 2 different Custom Content: Free and Premium Free Anyone can download it ( No need to be registered) Premium You will have to register on the website and choose a Subscription Plan or buy the item on his own if this option is available. If you choose a Pricing Plan you will have to click on Premium Area on the top menu to have access to all the Premium Custom content. (Make sure to log in on the website)