Two Arms Wall Lamp


A granite base with a thunder grey mineral mélange constitutes the magnetic starting point for the Grant series. In a symphony of contrasts, this elegant igneous stone is paired with polished metals to compose a refined and balanced design. Grant arises from the aesthetic interplay between high shine and dusty granular depth.

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Serge Mouille



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Serge Mouille

Born in Paris in 1922, Serge Mouille is now considered to be one of the greatest light fixture designers in the world. At a very early age he developed a talent for design and creativity and was the youngest pupil of his era to be admitted to the School of Applied Arts at the age of 13.

Master goldsmith, Serge Mouille learnt the art of metalworking using a hammer thanks to his mentor Gabriel Lacroix and worked for several goldsmiths in Paris. His encounter with Jacques Adnet, Director of the Compagnie des Arts Français, marked a turning point in his career.

In 1951, Jacques Adnet ordered a “large light fixture” from Serge Mouille for his South American clients: the first three-arm floor lamp was born. This innovative light fixture in black steel, shaped into organic forms, influenced his famous series of “Black Shapes” and marked the history of design forever. Serge Mouille’s status then changed from a master craftsman to a creative artist.