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Modulation Floor Lamps


Axel Chay

With its linear design, the Modulation floor lamp dresses your room with its graphic, colourful presence. The simple form, both enigmatic and playful, irresistibly attracts attention and stimulates the imagination. These two folded, interlocking steel tubes evoke industrial pipes, twisted by their deep colour. The two opaline glass globes punctuate the silhouette, providing a soft, warm light. A style both full of fantasy yet refined. All things superfluous have been eliminated to keep only what is essential. The Modulation floor lamp won’t go unnoticed - it will become a centrepiece in your decor.French designer Axel Chay has a knack for developing a daring language of shapes and colours, borrowing here and there, especially from the 80s, like a Julio le Parc curve or the nostalgic silhouette of an Italian terrace on a summer’s evening, which explode into view. A well-intended slap for conventional design and predictable furniture.With its rudimentary curved shape, lost between a feeling of regression and technical distinction, the tube calls out with its power of interpretation.


Axel Chay


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