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Basis Kitchen

BASIS design is Reform's own – it’s where we started. All three styles are characterized by the classic carpenter-milled-in round handle – a detail that brings warmth and elegance to the design. The veneered oak handle adds contrast to the clean surface. With its stylish round design the BASIS handle is inspired by 1960s Scandinavian architect kitchens and is a good take on a timeless and classical kitchen design.

We love to combine the BASIS design with a countertop in linoleum especially since the solid oak edge on the countertop beautifully complements the natural oak of the milled-in BASIS handle, making the whole kitchen elegant and complete.


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Counters, Island, Sink, Cabinets and Understairs Cupboards


Reform Kitchen

Reform collaborates with internationally acclaimed architects and designers to create modern kitchen spaces and push the boundaries of our industry. They work across architecture, design, and interior with the aim of offering bold, accessible and adaptable kitchens. As we enter the 2020s, they have set out to explore future-focused methods within craft and technology. Reflecting the kitchen’s vital role as the center of our homes, Reform meets the new demands of everyday living.