I'm always fascinated about interior design. Everyday I'm looking for some inspiration on decoration magazine or mainly on internet. The trend is always changing so it's really important to keep updated.

My first inspiration comes from the "North"! I love the way they furnish and decorate their home. It's very cosy and welcoming mainly in winter or autumn. Their aesthetic is gorgeous and mainly all the brands and designers on the website are Danish. It's what they call "HYGGE" style.

Unfortunately a lot of people doesn't really bother how they house look like and it's a shame because it's very important to feel cosy and comfortable at home in a decor we choosed ourself. There are so many things we can do with anything like colour, texture, material ...

Ofcourse we can't all purchase expensive Brand furniture but sometimes we can afford an object and after a while we can own a couple of them. We don't necessary have to spend a lot of money in furniture and accessories, the most important is to make sure it fit together and don't mix different texture or colours.





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