For the Moooi Heracleum, designer Bertjan Pot found his inspiration in the Cow Parsnip. The pendant lamp’s coating (copper or nickel) acts as a conductor for the lamps. So, no wiring is needed and this spectacular design comes to life. The Moooi Heracleum is refined, innovative, and equally timeless.



Bertjan Pot is a designer, probably best known for his Random Light (1999). The light started as a material research, which is basically the starting point of each product created by Bertjan Pot. The outcome is usually an interior product showing a fascination for techniques, structures, patterns and colors. Most experiments start quite impulsively by a certain curiosity for how things would function or how something would look. From there Pot takes on challenges with manufacturers to explore possibilities and push the boundaries a bit. The reward for each challenge is a new one.