Aug 11

Womb Chair


I absolutely adore all your creations!! They're gorgeous! I was wondering about the Womb Chair seen in some of your lifestyle/example photos for a couple of light fixtures, for example the Yuh Lamp. Is it yours that's not available for download or is it another simmer's creation? If so, could you direct me to whomever made it for the sims? Thanks so much in advance!

Aug 11

Hello it’s mine but not available yet because i didn’t create the foot stool yet

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  • I wanted to create a new look for the website and I have been inspired by the new Dark mode on Apple. I thought it would rest our eyes also and it looks good I think. What do you think about it?
  • I was a member a year or so ago and stopped playing The Sims. I came back and I am so glad I came back to be a member. How could I have forgotten your great work?! All of your items are quality and that is what I like. A big THANK YOU to you sincerely!!
  • I really loved the great work here ,your site is now in my fav. list , and I'll subscribe to premium soon . thanks a lot for all these great modern designs . hope you a great day ... this is a sample using these great designs :)





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