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Volet Hook

Dimitri Bähler

Anodized aluminium is the material in Volet Hook, which can be used, mounted and put up anywhere. The folded metal wings conceal the screw, while the hook does the job. Volet Hook is available in several anodized colours: black, brown, champagne, gold and green.







Base Game



Bear in mind if this item is premium you will need to purchase a premium plan in the Plans & Pricing Page. After that you can download all the premium files in the Premium Area page.

Dimitri Bähler

Dimitri Bähler is a Swiss designer who lives and works in Biel, Switzerland. He is a graduate of ECAL (2010) and the Design Academy Eindhoven, he opened his own studio in 2014. Bähler has been nominated twice for the Swiss Design Awards (2014 and 2015) and has undertaken a number of design residencies around the world, including at the EKWC (European Centre for Ceramics) in the Netherlands and at the Ishinomaki Laboratory in Japan. His work is directed by his own sensitivity to the power of objects, and can often appear spontaneous, yet is underpinned by vigorous research. From one-off pieces to industrially produced designs, Bähler enjoys bringing a sense of naivety and fearlessness to projects. For HAY, he has designed the Volet Hook.
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