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Chunky Plate (Stackable)

Gustaf Westman

Glazed ceramic dining plate. Gustaf Westman logo embossed at base. Each plate is unique and natural color shiftings may occur.



Gustaf Westman




Base Game



Bear in mind if this item is premium you will need to purchase a premium plan in the Plans & Pricing Page. After that you can download all the premium files in the Premium Area page.

Gustaf Westman

Gustaf Westman is the designer of Instagram’s latest crush. Yes, that candy-color mirror with a curvy frame. Gustaf Westman is a Swedish furniture designer based in Stockholm. Becoming a sensational furniture design happened by chance. Gustaf Westman Objects is the platform founded in 2020 dedicated to promoting and selling Gustaf Westman’s decor and furniture pieces, including the must-have Instagram Curvy Mirror. Immediately, the former Architecture student had his Curvy Mirror widespread across the Instagram community – from interior design accounts to influencers’ mirror selfies.
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