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A simple shape and soft contours fuse together in the Bliss tea service. Designer Odo Fioravanti has created a modern porcelain service that is both sturdy and sweet in its expression.Odo Fioravanti took his point of departure from the teapot and cup typology and experimented with creating a simplified and cohesive idiom. The service's balanced shape fits well in the hand, inviting you to enjoy the moment.

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Odo Fioravanti

Odo Fioravanti was born in Rome and studied Industrial Design at the Design Department of the Milan Polytechnic. He has been working as an industrial designer since 1998 and in 2003 he founded the Odo Fioravanti Design Studio in Milan. Odo is a thinker and an expert of production techniques. He says himself that these are the two most important ingredients of his work.

"In my opinion design is thinking about everyday objects, trying to make them charming, smart and useful. I'm fascinated by beauty but I can't describe what it really is. I don't know beauty, I receive beauty all the time and as I receive it I can recognize it. Beauty always takes my breath away. It doesn't matter if I'm looking at a beautiful woman or a well shaped nutcracker, both of them cause me dizziness."