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Septem Collection

Axel Chay

A graphic, sculptural piece of furniture that can be displayed like a work of art in your living room or on your terrace... The Septem collection is an assembly of seven lacquered aluminium tubes. These tubes evoke industrial pipes, twisted by their tangy pink colour. The simple form, both enigmatic and playful, irresistibly attracts attention and stimulates the imagination. A style both full of fantasy yet refined. The Septem collection won’t go unnoticed, but will become a centrepiece in your decor. A snub to conventional design and predictable furniture.With its rudimentary form, lost between a feeling of regression and technical distinction, the tube calls out with its power of interpretation. Designer Axel Chay has succeeded in transforming a basic element (metal tube) into a sculptural, contemporary piece, while preserving the integrity of the original element. Geometric abstraction is expressed in volumes of raw materials that seem to defy space and time.French designer Axel Chay has a knack for crafting a daring language of shapes and colours, borrowing here and there from the 1980s, kinetic art and the Memphis movement. Seeking abstraction through strict, calculated geometric shapes, he seeks to breathe new life into sculptural furniture and plays with raw materials such as cork, steel and aluminium.


Axel Chay




Base Game




Axel Chay

In 2013, Axel Chay and Marouane Fadki, freshly graduated from business school, decided to create Nova Obiecta: a Marseille design house that offers items and furniture on the border between art and design. Both designers and creators, they design and conceive creations and do their marketing through trade fairs, shows, specialist galleries etc. Their hybrid creations are produced in limited series. Each piece is manufactured or industrialised in France, so the hands or machines behind the objects can come from the aeronautics or nuclear sector, as well as from historical French know-how. 100% made in France combining high technology, in particular for laser cutting, and hand-finishing up to and including tailor-made.
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