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Loop Armchair

India Mahdavi

In response to the invitation of the historical maker Gebrüder Thonet Vienna, India Mahdavi has conceived the Loop Armchair, that has the charm of a hand drawing and benefits from their ancestral know-how: “Gebrüder Thonet Vienna is the only manufactory in the world that enables you to translate a free hand drawing by giving it a wooden materiality of that quality.” However, in this exercise, India did not lift her pencil – it stayed true to the motion. The common thread of the Loop materializes the frame in space and coils around itself before pursuing its path, leaving two loops bent in its wake. Its seductive curls push the boundaries of possibility – India calls for the wood to double its efforts in order to double its beauty and roundness. India offers a color palette in the form of false friends – colors that clash as they are similar but not identical. The Loop has come full circle.


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Base Game




India Mahdavi

Architect, designer and scenographer, India Mahdavi is based in Paris. Her studio, created in 2000, is known for the diversity of its international projects which explore the fields of architecture, interior design, scenography, furniture and object design – all based in one single street, rue Las Cases. India Mahdavi is known for creating unique environments, combining a modern sense of comfort and elegance with color and humour – a cross-cultured art de vivre. Polyglotte & polychrome, India Mahdavi has become a signature, offering a special vocabulary that is joyful, cosmopolite and elegant all at the same time.
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