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Para(D) Armchair


Axel Chay

Arty and pop, Para(D) is a sculptural armchair with singular but familiar shapes, available in a superb palette of fresh, summery colours. It stands out with its oversized tubular structure which draws curved, reassuring lines. Reminding us of swimming ladders, the lacquered steel tube shapes familiar curves that frame and support a length of fabric reminiscent of seaside loungers. With its flexible, comfortable seat, Para(D) is an invitation to relax. A clever blend of sobriety and originality, Para(D) offers the maximum effect with a minimum of material. Its seaside references encourage you to settle down and immerse yourself in a relaxed, serene world where the primary colours evoke a touch of nostalgia, inviting you to dream, to linger. This armchair illustrates the work of French designer Axel Chay who seeks geometric abstraction through strict, calculated forms. For Axel Chay, “To sit down is to immerse yourself. Let yourself go, undulate in your chosen imagination, that of a summer moment by a swimming pool, erotic and languid, evoking the world of Tom Wesselmann." This Riviera-style armchair is imbued with the colourful pop world of painter Tom Wesselmann, one of the best-known representatives of the American Pop Art movement.


Axel Chay


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