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Okumi Armchair

Studio Catoir

In Japan, the okumi is a piece of fabric worn in front of the kimono. Both the stitching and the way in which the back is upholstered are evocative of a kimono, as if one had been thrown carelessly over the structure of the armchair, 'dressing' it with elegance. This back and arm cover is made up in inverted pleats, a detail which simultaneously gives a 'haute couture' finish and brings lightness along with added volume and depth, the very visual expression of comfort.



Ligne Roset




Base Game



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Studio Catoir

Studio Catoir is a design practice based in Paris and Milan, carrying out projects for international clients in the field of interior design, product design and graphics. Founded by Elisa & Michael Catoir, since 2006, Studio Catoir has worked on a range of projects: from private homes, to the hospitality sector and luxury products.
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