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Arcadia Pouf


Serena Confalonieri

The balance between sinuous shapes and movement defines ARCADIA, the rounded shape pouf, apparently looking light weighted and playful. The curved wood of the arches at the base recalls one of the classic styles of the company, bestowing it with a new and modern look in addition to supporting the large circular padded seat upholstered in fabric.. The pouf was originated from the first collaboration with the designer Serena Confalonieri, who knew how to dialogue with the company’s tradition, analyzing its cultural references, studying its materials and working method and then proposing a piece of furniture that can fit comfortably into different private environments as well as in the public spaces. ARCADIA is inspired by the arches and colonnades found in the courtyards of the neoclassical dwellings, its generous dimensions invite to lightheartedness, sharing and conviviality moments.


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