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Wooden Dolls Collection

Albert Kriemler

Frequently visiting the Alexander's Girard exhibition, Albert Kriemler, Akris’ Creative Director, was struck by Girard’s creative genius. Spurred on by Girard’s ability to see “things differently [and] change our view of the world”, Kriemler created a vibrant collection in ode to the designer. Showcasing its SS18 looks on a catwalk at the Vitra Campus Fire Station, the Akris runway was awash with tributes to the celebrated designer. Flanked by oversized reproductions of the Wooden Dolls, the models wore dresses adorned with the famous dolls, trinkets adapted from toys Girard carved by his own hand and bags inspired by his heart-shaped patterns.






Base Game


Aan Hamdan


Albert Kriemler

Albert Kriemler (born 1960) is a Swiss fashion designer, and creative director at Swiss fashion company Akris. He received the Grand Prix Design prize by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture in 2008 and awarded with the Swiss Design Award for his achievements as the “most important international ambassador for fashion creation in design.” He was named the honoree for fashion design at the 2010 Fashion Group International Awards in New York.
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