I always wanted to create Custom Content for The Sims but it was difficult and I didn't know how to start. In 2015 I started to look how to make it possible. The website evolved a lot and the quality of the custom content too. I don't create the 3D models by myself I convert them for the game with the textures. A lot of my 3D models comes from the real brands or some certified 3D model websites. Some are free and some are not that's the reason why Meinkatz Creations is not totally free. The website has been made with WIX. Meinkatz Creations will probably evolve again in the future but this will be another story.


My name is Nicolas Lavigne. I was born in Nimes (south of France). I moved to the UK in 2012 (7 years ago now). I always wanted to live in a nordic country I was so tired of the hot weather. I always been passionate about interior design but unfortunately that's not my career. I work in a grocery store in Birmingham (Second city of England). I love animals and became vegan recently even if I stopped eating meat 2 years ago. I love the Nordic lifestyle like in Denmark for example which is a reference to me. A simple, healthy and classy life! I guess it's what we all want right?!


I live  in a flat since 2014. We decorated it so many times lol. I am a bit obsessed with interior design as you know so I painted the walls with different colours. I don't really know how to describe my style it would be a mix between: New Nordic, modern and scandinavian.


My story with The Sims started in 2002. I was bored and I asked a friend of mine if I could borrow a game from him and he said: Yes you can borrow The Sims if you want! Then I said: The What??!! And then my passion for this game started.

I just started to create custom content in The Sims 4. I never did before for the previous Sims 1,2 and 3.

The fact I'm passionate about architecture and design The Sims 4 is a good support to work with.


The Logo has been created by my sister in law . I wanted something with Cats because Meine Katze means My Cat in German. She got this idea to make 4 Cat Dolls. I loved it and she spent the night at home doing it on Photoshop. 

Logo Creation

Suzie My Sister in Law





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