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Nicolas Lavigne

Born in Nimes (South of France) in 1987, Nicolas Lavigne is the creator of Meinkatz Creations. He always wanted to create Custom Content for The Sims but it was difficult and he didn't know how to start. In 2015 he started to look how to make it possible. The website evolved a lot and the quality of the custom content too. 

His story with The Sims started in 2002. He was bored and he asked a friend if he could borrow a game from him and he said: Yes you can borrow The Sims if you want! Then Nicolas said: The What??!! And then his passion for this game started. He just started to create custom content in The Sims 4. He never did before for the previous Sims 1,2 and 3. He is passionate about architecture and design and The Sims 4 is his creative outlet!

Sims 4 Screenshot 2022.12.16 -
Sims 4 Screenshot 2023.01.02 -

Meinkatz Creations

Paying homage to amazing Designers, Meinkatz Creations creates the proper replica of furniture, lighting and interior objects with timeless appeal for the game The Sims 4.

Meinkatz Creations started in 2015. Nicolas Lavigne was wondering how to create designer furniture for the game and after some help and research he could finally do it.  His first creations were not very good but with a bit of time and experience the quality of the custom content evolved. 

That's where Nicolas is working to create new custom content. In the Dining Room of his flat in Birmingham (United Kingdom).

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